Applied Exercise Science

Applied Exercise Science (formerly known as Health and Fitness) is a good choice for students who are interested in assessing and promoting physical activity throughout all stages of life. AES majors work directly with athletes, patients, clients, and fellow industry professionals (doctors, nutritionists, etc.). Students often pursue a minor or advanced degree in public health, entrepreneurship, or business.

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  • Applied Exercise Science student and patient
  • Applied Exercise Science student and clients
  • Applied Exercise Science student and client
Top 5 reasons
To major in Applied Exercise Science
Small student-to-faculty ratio
Interdisciplinary curriculum
Clinical and internship opportunities
Flexibility to tailor the program to your interests and career goals
Preparation for a career in pre- and post-rehabilition, community and worksite wellness, or sport performance

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Applied Exercise Science majors study the biological, social, psychological, business, research, and clinical aspects of physical activity. Through coursework and experiential learning, students learn how to assess and promote physical activity across the lifespan using preventative and therapeutic methods.

Program Overview

Applied Exercise Science majors customize their academic plan with rigorous, science-based coursework and experiential learning opportunities in one of two tracks:

  • Management Track. Students pursuing the management track will prepare for business-oriented careers, such as worksite wellness coordinator, business owner, operations manager, or marketing director.
  • Clinical Track. Students pursuing the clinical track will prepare for more “hands on” careers, such as clinical exercise physiologist, personal/group exercise specialist, or strength and conditioning coach; or for more academic careers, such as research scientist.

All AES majors are required to participate in a for-credit real-world learning experience during or after their junior year. The primary purpose of an internship is to give students the opportunity to apply theory in a real work setting and develop professional skills to enhance their academic coursework. In addition to internships, other experiential learning opportunities are available in a research setting, independent study experiences, or assisting in a teaching environment.

Students who complete the Applied Exercise Science Program receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

View the sample curriculum from current and past years in the Forms and Bulletins section of this page, below.


  • I am a Health and Fitness student. Do I still have a program?
    Yes. The Health and Fitness program will continue for current students enrolled in the program. You will be able to finish this program unless you declare into the Applied Exercise Science program.
  • What program will be listed on my transcript if I am graduating in May?
    You are in the Health and Fitness program and this will be reflected on your transcript. Students who matriculate before fall 2019 must formally declare Applied Exercise Science in order for this to be reflected on their transcript. If you declare into AES, you must complete those requirements.
  • I started the program in Health and Fitness but want to change to Applied Exercise Science. How do I do that?
    You need to formally declare with OUSA. If you change to Applied Exercise Science, you will be held to the requirements for the AES program. You will be required to meet with your advisor before you make this change to review your requirements.
  • I am a cross-campus transfer who applied to Health and Fitness. What does this new program mean to me?
    If you are admitted, you will be admitted to Health and Fitness and you will need to formally declare Applied Exercise Science if you want to change into the new program.
  • I am a prospective student. What does this new program mean to me?
    If you are looking to matriculate for fall 2019 and later, you will be admitted to Applied Exercise Science as the Health and Fitness program will be discontinued for future classes.


Until Fall 2019 all AES courses will retain "HF" program prefixes.

Sample HF Course Offerings

  • Biology & Behavior of Human Movement
  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology
  • Statistics
  • Principles of Motor Behavior
  • Essentials of Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Prescription & Testing
  • Psychology of Sport & Exercise
  • Physical Activity Across the Lifespan
  • Social Factors in Physical Activity Behavior

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