Undergraduate Research (UROP)

NOTE: Undergraduate students may take advantage of Honors Research, Independent Study, Lab Rotation, and other programs offered through the School of Kinesiology. Please refer to the Course Catalog for details.

UROP participants select from a campus-wide catalog of projects and interview with the faculty member in charge of the project. If selected for the program, you and your faculty mentor will conduct research important to the field of Kinesiology.

The UROP experience allows you to apply classroom knowledge to "real world" Kinesiology issues, enabling you to use advanced technology and collaborate with prominent researchers.

How to apply for UROP:

  • Students should contact UROP for an application.
  • When you register for classes, the UROP course number in Kinesiology is 280 (MOVESCI 280, HF 280, and SM 280). Be sure to indicate your faculty mentor and the number of credits you're registering for.

To be enrolled in UROP, Kinesiology students are encouraged to select a Kinesiology project. However, students should also feel free to choose a project that is interesting to them and further their academic goals, regardless of department or school in which the research is being conducted.

Check out UROP on YouTube!

Tim Houston describes his day as a Kinesiology student and UROP participant. He also interviews student presenters at the annual Spring Research Symposium.

Watch more UROP student videos on the UROPumich channel