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Movement Science
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Movement Science majors study the human body – not only how it moves, but also how it’s affected by disease, age, emotion, and exercise. Many of these students go on to graduate school and/or careers in medicine, pharmacy, public health, or physical and occupational therapy. They love the “macro” human body experience that kinesiology gives them in addition to the “micro” experience of biology and chemistry.

The Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM) Program offers Movement Science undergraduate students the opportunity to study a rapidly-growing field that involves the monitoring of the central and peripheral nervous systems of patients undergoing surgical procedures.

Learn more about the Movement Science B.S. degree  |  M.S. degree  |  Ph.D.  |  IONM Program

Sport Management
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Sport Management majors study the business of sport – the economic impact of teams and venues, sport consumer behavior, relationship marketing, fundraising, and operations. They experience hands-on learning with dynamic internships, cross-campus student-run organizations, and collaborative class projects. Many of these students will begin careers at corporate entities, while others will pursue post-graduate studies in business or law.

Learn more about the Sport Management B.A. degree  |  M.S. degree  |  Ph.D.

Applied Exercise Science
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Applied Exercise Science (formerly known as Health and Fitness) majors study the biological, social, psychological, business, research, and clinical aspects of physical activity. Through coursework and experiential learning, students learn how to assess and promote physical activity across the lifespan using preventative and therapeutic methods. Graduates go on to work directly with athletes, patients, clients, and fellow industry professionals (doctors, nutritionists, etc.).

Learn more about the Applied Exercise Science B.S. degree

Athletic Training
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Athletic Training majors study the care and treatment of athletes – how to prevent and heal injuries through education, treatment, and partnerships with other health professionals. A rigorous program of on-the-field clinical practice, tailored coursework, and a comprehensive certification exam ensures that our athletic training graduates can hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.

Learn more about the Athletic Training B.S. degree

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