Kathy Kern

Areas of interest

Motor Coordination, Aging, Rehabilitation, Somatosensory Assessment Development


Forest 203
School of Kinesiology, 555 S. Forest Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 764-3778
(734) 764-0440


Course Course Title Credits Term Instructor
AES 242 Essentials of Exercise Physiology 3 Winter Kern
Course Name RO: Essentls Exer Phys
Course Level: Undergraduate
Introduces theories, principles, and applications of physiological processes of human performance.
Prerequisites: Enforced prerequisites: AT/AES 220 and 221: Minimum grade of C or higher. Advisory prerequisite: 1 undergraduate biology .
Component: LEC
AES 290 Field Experience in Applied Exercise Science 1-4 As Arranged Kern
Course Name RO: Field Exp AES
Course Level: Undergraduate
Provides an opportunity for supervised observation and participation in a variety of school, university or business settings related to a student's major program of concentration.
Prerequisites: Freshman or Sophomore standing and permission of instructor.
Component: IND
AES 331 Biomechanics of Sport and Fitness 3 Fall, As Arranged Kern
Course Name RO: Biomech Sprt Ftns
Course Level: Undergraduate
Applied principles of biomechanics to the analyses of sport, training, and conditioning of athletes. Topics include analyses of projectile-related activities, aerodynamics in sport, balance related activities, throw and push patterns, and qualitative and quantitative analyses of sport activities.
Prerequisites: MATH 105 and AT/AES 220 and AT/AES 221: Min grade of C or higher
Component: LEC
MOVESCI 110 Biological and Behavioral Bases of Human Movement 3 Fall, Winter Kern
Course Name RO: BioBeh Bases Hu Mvt
Course Level: Undergraduate
An introduction to exercise physiology, biomechanics and motor control. Students gain an appreciation of the study of human movement from a scientific perspective.
Component: LEC