Greg Cartee


The research in the Muscle Biology Laboratory is focused on skeletal muscle metabolism. We are especially interested in the modulation of glucose transport by exercise and calorie restriction (consuming 60% of ad libitum uptake), and how these interventions are influenced by advancing age. Each of these interventions can lead to a substantial improvement in skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity, which is a significant benefit for health. The improved insulin sensitivity after a bout of exercise facilitates the restoration of muscle glycogen stores, thereby improving the capacity for subsequent exercise. Our long-term goal is to understand the specific mechanisms whereby these physiological interventions lead to improved insulin sensitivity.

Areas of interest

Exercise, diet, and age effects on insulin signaling and glucose metabolism in skeletal muscle.


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Course Course Title Credits Term Instructor
KINESLGY 545 Metabolic Responses to Exercise 3 Fall, Winter, As Arranged Cartee
Course Name RO: Metab Respon to Exer
Course Level: Graduate
This course focuses on the influence of acute and chronic exercise on energy metabolism. Topics include mechanisms regulating carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism; adaptations with exercise training; insulin signaling & action; the relationship between metabolism and fatigue. The format emphasizes class discussion. Students will present on a relevant topic chosen in consultation with the instructor.
Prerequisites: Graduate status; MOVESCI 340 or equivalent.
Component: LEC