The Benefits

We’re dedicated to ranking among the finest Kinesiology programs in the country. Providing scholarship awards based on financial need and outstanding academic performance is an integral part of this goal.

Few gifts offer greater satisfaction than a gift to establish a Kinesiology scholarship.

You can have the fulfilling experience of enabling students to attend Kinesiology at U-M and then later hearing from them about their progress. It’s a contribution that will last you a lifetime.

Scholarships for students who lack the financial resources greatly strengthen society in general. Furthermore, scholarships based on academic performance give us a competitive edge in attracting top Kinesiology students, and top students attract top faculty.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Unlike many forms of financial aid, a scholarship is “gift assistance,” which does not have to be repaid by the student. There are two basic types of scholarships that you can establish:

  • Annual Kinesiology scholarship. This award provides the student with funds that are completely disbursed or liquidated in a single academic year. The scholarship, however, can be renewed with ongoing commitments.
  • Endowed Kinesiology scholarship. An endowment is funded first, and then the income or small portion it earns is used to provide students with funds. The rest remains untouched, so the endowment lasts forever.

Once you have decided to make a gift, there are many ways to fund a scholarship. You can choose what assets to donate, what guidelines will be used to select the recipients, what name the scholarship will have and much more.

We would be happy to meet with you to explore your options and identify the scholarship program and the method of giving that is right for you.

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To learn more about:

  • Kinesiology student support that is already endowed, visit our Endowments page.
  • Both endowed and annual student support, visit our Awards page.

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Your Kinesiology Connection

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