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Video Recording

Protocol for Recording Events

  1. Identify someone in your class or lab (if you're faculty) or on your immediate team (if you're staff) who feels comfortable operating the camcorder. This simply involves putting the camcorder on a tripod and pressing "record" and "stop."
  2. Reserve the camcorder in Google Calendar at least 24 hours in advance:
  • Select the date and time in Google Calendar
  • Click "Edit Event" • Click "Add Rooms, etc."
  • Scroll down to "Kin" and click "Add Kin-Camcorder" (NOTE: if this option doesn't show up, then the camcorder is already reserved at this date/time)
  • Click "Save"
  1. Pick up the camcorder and tripod at the 4-HELP Desk in 0101 Observatory Lodge up to an hour before your event. Sign your name and the date on the check-in sheet. If needed, the 4HELP staff can give you a quick tutorial on how to operate the camcorder.
  2. As soon as your event is over, return the camcorder and tripod to the 4-HELP Desk in 0101 Observatory Lodge. The 4-HELP Desk is open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.
  3. Ryan Schell will download and convert the file and upload it to Box for you, wipe the memory card, and charge the battery for future use.

See Ryan Schell ( if you have any questions!

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