Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are current Kinesiology students, in all years and majors, who assist the Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs (OUSA) with Summer and Fall Orientation for incoming first-year and transfer students. Peer Advisors also sometimes work with additional events throughout the school year. This is a paid position (including paid training, which takes place primarily in early May).

Peer Advisors play a crucial role within Kinesiology -- they provide one of the first points of contact for new students with the University and the Kinesiology community. Peer Advisors' student experiences inform and inspire the planning and implementation of orientation each year. The time commitment can vary depending on availability within June-August, but the schedule will accommodate spring/summer coursework or a second job, if necessary.

During each three-day summer orientation program, we host Kines students for about 1.5 days -- hopefully you remember this awesome part of your time at your orientation!  We are looking for Peer Advisors to assist in the Kines portion.

Our Peer Advisors are invaluable! They are dedicated students who want to share their experiences in Kinesiology while assisting new students specifically with advising and registration.

The 2018 Kinesiology Peer Advisor Team

Allison Kennedy
Movement Science '20
St. Clair, MI

Career Interest: Pediatric Endocrinology
Random Fact: I have a twin brother!
Best Place to Eat in Ann Arbor: Frita Batidos


Brooke Pierce​
Movement Science '20
Minor: Sociology of Health & Medicine (Intended)
Rochester Hills, MI

Career Interest: Trauma Surgery
Random Fact: I'm on the U-M women’s ice hockey team!
Best Place to Eat in Ann Arbor: Angelo’s or The Broken Egg


Cam Rubino
Movement Science '19
Leonard, MI

Career Interest: Sports Medicine or Pediatrics
Random Fact: I'm head captain of the Michigan Quidditch Team!
Best Place to Eat in Ann Arbor: Blue Tractor


Ellie GrupenhoffEllie Grupenhoff
Movement Science '19
Rochester Hills, MI

Career Interest: Sport Performance or Physical Therapy
Random Fact: I’ve been to the highest peak in Germany!
Best Places to Eat in Ann Arbor: Isalita.


Hannah Swirple
Movement Science '21
Minor: Biochemistry​
Tecumseh, MI

Career Interest: Orthopedic Surgery
Random Fact: I learned how to row at Michigan!
Best Place to Eat in Ann Arbor: Angelo’s


Matteo Althoen
Movement Science '19
Ann Arbor, MI

Career Interest: Physical Therapy
Random Fact: I once climbed an active volcano!
Best Place to Eat in Ann Arbor: Frita Batidos