Mentorship & Ambassadors

Our Mentorship and Ambassador programs are two great ways to get involved in the Kinesiology community!


The Kinesiology Mentorship Program pairs a new student with an upperclassman who can act as a resource for their first few months at the University of Michigan.

New students and mentors will interact individually, in small groups, and in large groups through emails, phone calls, lunches, program-wide planned events, and events that they coordinate themselves. New students should use mentors as a go-to resource for questions of any kind. Mentors will help new students acclimate to the University of Michigan by providing valuable information about Kinesiology, the campus, and community by sharing their own experiences.

New Students

Are you interested in having a Kinesiology student mentor help you make the most of your academic experience here? The Kinesiology Mentorship Program facilitates the entrance of new students into the U-M Kinesiology community. To sign up, visit the mentorship request form page.

Goals for new students:

  • Feel personally connected with someone at U-M
  • Meet people who have similar interests
  • Learn about Kinesiology, the campus, and the community
  • Learn from the advice, mistakes, and experiences of an upperclassman
  • Have a go-to resource on campus
  • FUN!

Current Students

If you're a current Kinesiology major and are interested in being a mentor in this program, please contact Ben Kuisell ( for more information.

Goals for mentors:

  • Leadership
  • Meet and develop relationships with new students
  • Event planning skills


The Kinesiology Ambassadors Program is an exciting opportunity for current students to introduce prospective students to “the best kept secret on campus” — the School of Kinesiology. Ambassadors project a positive Kinesiology image and in return gain valuable experience in public speaking, mentoring, and leadership. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Making presentations to prospective students, instructors and parents
  • Phone-outs to prospective and admitted students
  • E-mailing prospective and admitted students
  • Participating in Kinesiology, U-M campus, and off-campus events

Interested in becoming an ambassador or want to learn more? Please contact La'Joya Orr ( in the Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs (OUSA). We look forward to hearing from you!