Master's Requirements

This is a quick summary of the program requirements. Please refer to the Bulletin on the Policies and Procedures page for complete details.

Master’s - Movement Science Degree Requirements

Students in the Master’s of Movement Science Program must:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours for the M.S. or M.A. degree.
  • Complete KINESLGY 615 (Philosophy of Science in Kinesiology Research) and one graduate level research statistics course outside of Kinesiology.
  • Elect at least 9 hours of Kinesiology course work. Five of these may be for independent research (e.g. KINESLGY 684), practicum experience, or internships (e.g. KINESLGY 680 and 686).
  • Complete at least four credits in cognate work outside of Kinesiology (included in the 30 credits).

Master’s - Sport Management Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours, including:

Core Curriculum (15 hours)

  • KINESLGY 503 Legal Aspects of Sport (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 509 Financial Management for the Sport Industry (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 532 Organizational Behavior & Human Resources (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 514 Strategic Management in Sport (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 550 Marketing Management for the Sport Industry (3 credits)

Other Requirements (15+ hours)

  • KINESLGY 615 Philosophy of Science and Research (3 credits)
  • Sport Management elective(s) (3+ credits)
  • Graduate-level statistics (3-4 credits)
  • Cognate elective credits of student's choice (4+ credits): Any appropriate graduate-level course(s) will fulfill this Rackham requirement that a minimum of four credits must be taken outside the School of Kinesiology.

Note: The remainder of the 30 credits will be from appropriate graduate-level courses offered by the School or by other U-M graduate programs.