Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory

“The Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory studies how people perform and control repetitive movements, specifically using orthotic and prosthetic devices. Through various collaborations on and off campus, we are working to improve devices, test their effectiveness, and ultimately make controlling them more intuitive for users.”
Dr. Deanna Gates, Director and Associate Professor of Movement Science

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Subject in the Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory


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Upper limb motion during everyday tasks

In this project, we are quantifying how people move their arms and trunk during basic activities of daily living. We are then going to compare the movements of healthy unimpaired adults to those of upper extremity prosthesis users.

Design Priorities for Upper Limb Prostheses

What features are the most important to upper limb prostheses? Would you being willing to have surgery to get these features? In this project, we conduct a survey to ask upper extremity prosthesis users to balance device performance and invasiveness. This will help us better design new prostheses that people will want to use.

This is a collaborative project with Dr. Cindy Chestek in Biomedical Engineering.

Powered Ankle Prostheses

In collaboration with the U-M Orthotics and Prosthetics Center and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we are studying how adding external power to a lower-limb prosthesis effects walking. (Photo courtesy of iWalk,