Ulrich, Hasson Projects Get “Cubed”


MCubed is a two-year seed-funding program designed to empower interdisciplinary teams of University of Michigan faculty to pursue new initiatives with major societal impact. Teams including Drs. Dale Ulrich and Rebecca Hasson are recent recipients of this funding.

The program minimizes the time between idea conception and successful research results by providing immediate startup funds for novel, high-risk and transformative research projects. The funds are intended to generate data for groundbreaking, high-impact publications, or preliminary results for new, innovative research proposals. The program also includes high-visibility, campus-wide research symposia to showcase the resulting groundbreaking research.

  •  More about Dr. Ulrich's MCubed project, "Maternal Feeding Project, Team 3"
  •  More about Dr. Hasson's MCubed project, "Active Classroom"


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