Ulrich Awarded $1.2M Training Grant

Dale Ulrich discusses bike camp w/phd student Leah Ketcheson

The US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs has awarded MVS/HF professor Dale Ulrich a five-year, $1.2 million training grant.

The project, titled, Project RTP: The Preparation of Leadership Personnel to Implement the Research-to-Practice Model in Adapted Physical Education and Pediatric Physical Therapy, will focus on leadership training in high intensity research and teaching in adapted physical education and pediatric physical therapy. Nine scholars will be trained.

The grant will be used to train pre- and postdoctoral researchers in motor and physical activity, applied to pediatric disabilities. After their training, these individuals will proceed into faculty positions at other universities, researching and teaching adapted physical education and pediatric physical therapy.

All scholars will become faculty required to excel in teaching and evidence-based research, involving infants and children with developmental disabilities. Following graduation and obtaining a new faculty position, all scholars will train the next generation of professionals in adapted physical education and pediatric physical therapy to use evidence-based practices.

Competencies to be acquired by these scholars include:

  1. Conduct & publish evidenced based research in the motor domain involving children with disabilities;
  2. Present & defend data based research at national conferences & seminars;
  3. Successfully teach a diverse group of undergraduates in a formal course involving evidence based practices;
  4. Demonstrate the ability to interact & train parents from diverse cultural & linguistic backgrounds with knowledge on evidence based practices in the motor domain;
  5. Successfully Mentor undergraduate students who are culturally diverse in research;
  6. Display excellent written, verbal, & technology skills needed for teaching and research excellence.

This will make 17 years of continuous funding for this training.

Faculty members Leah Robinson, Rebecca Hasson, and Weiyun Chen are also involved in the training.