Study: Head impact-measuring devices limited

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PhD student Kathryn O'Connor and her mentor, athletic training associate professor Dr. Steven Broglio, authored a recent study assessing head impact-measuring devices. From USA Today:

While the knowledge and education around sports-related concussions grows on a daily basis, the fact remains that head injuries caused by athletics continue to be an increasingly complex issue in the medical field.

The new special issue of the Journal of Athletic Training, the scientific publication of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, is shedding more light on the issue through a series of studies.

Among them is a study on the efficacy of head-impact-measurement devices. In a study conducted by members of both the NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan and the School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences at Virginia Tech, researchers studied available head-impact devices and their clinical utility.

Dr. Broglio is director of the NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory.