"Soccernomics" puts the game under a microscope (Szymanski)


Book takes an in-depth look at the game of soccer

The revised and expanded edition of Soccernomics written by Stefan Szymanski PhD, the Stephen J. Galetti Collegiate Professor of Sport Management at the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology, and Simon Kuper, author and Financial Times contributor, puts the game of soccer under a microscope using statistics, economics and psychology.

In the book, Szymanski and Kuper present some interesting findings:

  • When it comes to acquiring players, the analysis shows to buy low and sell high;
  • Teams should avoid acquiring players after big international tournaments because they are likely to overpay;
  • Norway is the country that loves soccer the most.

The two main questions Szymanski and Kuper address are: Why exactly do people go to watch football? And what makes them stop?

Professor Szymanski's blog, Sporty Business, can be viewed at http://blogs.forbes.com/stefanszymanski/