SMP: Ferris on The Mechanics of Running


The School of Kinesiology enjoys mutually beneficial relationships with our engineering, business, and medical school peers across campus. Saturday morning, December 13, there will be a more informal collaboration with the LS&A Physics Department, as Movement Science professor Dr. Daniel Ferris will be guest speaker on “Saturday Morning Physics.” He will present on the topic, "The Mechanics of Running."

Dr. Ferris states, “Despite centuries of research on human and animal running, there is still a great deal that we don't know about the biomechanics of running. There are many myths about running that have been discredited in recent years, and new studies have turned up some surprising findings and debates. The presentation will also address limits on the speed and energy costs of runners.”

Dr. Ferris is director of the Human Neuromechanics Laboratory and a member of the Rehabilitation Robotics Group. He also has faculty appointments in Biomedical Engineering and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

SMP: "The Mechanics of Running," with Dr. Ferris is now up on YouTube!

You can view it at: