Seidler: Your Brain on Microgravity


Movement Science professor Dr. Rachael ​Seidler, principal investigator of NASA’s NeuroMapping experiment, recently appeared in a NASA Public Affairs video to discuss the project.

NeuroMapping is conducting sensory, motor and cognitive testing of International Space Station crew members before, during and after a flight. Its purpose is to determine whether and how long-duration exposure to the spaceflight environment changes brain structure and function. Data from this experiment has been accumulating since late December. In the video, Dr. Seidler talks with NASA Public Affairs Officer Brandi Dean.

Dr. Seidler is director of the Neuromotor Behavior Laboratory and a member of the Rehabilitation Robotics Group.

  •  Space Station Live: This is Your Brain on Microgravity (7:30), on ReelNASA YouTube channel. Image: