School Earns High NAK Ranking, IONM Accreditation


Two major University of Michigan School of Kinesiology milestones were announced this week.

The National Academy of Kinesiology has ranked our doctoral program as #3 in the nation - up from #5 in 2010 and #18 in 2005. We join a host of other well-regarded schools in the top ten:

1.   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
2.   University of Texas at Austin 
3.   University of Michigan
3.   Penn State University
3.   University of South Carolina 
6.   Ohio State University 
7.   Texas A&M University
7.   University of Florida 
9.   University of Minnesota 
10. University of Southern California 

In addition, our Intraoperative Neuromonitoring program has become the first accredited IONM Education program in the world. This track in the Movement Science program is an educational partnership between the School of Kinesiology and the Medical School and has become, in the three short years since its inception, one of the most rapidly-growing areas in both our school and our university.

Both of these accomplishments highlight the impressive trajectory of our school - congratulations to everyone involved for their collective contributions,  productivity, and scholarship that continue to move us forward.