New Seminar Series: Stimulating Brain Health


The 2012-2013 Kinesiology Seminar Series theme is "Stimulating Brain Health: Exercise, Electricity, and Other Emerging Interventions". Co-sponsored by the School of Kinesiology, Department of Psychology, and the U-M Medical School, guest speakers will discuss aspects of brain and neurological health.

The first speaker in this series, Dr. Parag Patil, will discuss "The Brain Pacemaker: Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders and Depression."

Dr. Patil is:

  • Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, U-M Neurology, Anesthesiology, and Biomedical Engineering
  • Co-Director, Surgical Therapies Improving Movement (STIM) Program (U-M)
  • Co-Director, Psychiatric Neuromodulation Program (U-M)

Upcoming speakers include:

  • Pablo Celnik, MD, Johns Hopkins University Depts. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neurology. (October 26); and
  • Charles Hillman, PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Dept. of Kinesiology and Community Health. (December 7)
  • All seminars will be at noon in Bickner Auditorium, 3735 CCRB.