Kinesiology to be key partner in NCAA concussion study


School of Kinesiology Assistant Professor Steven Broglio Ph.D., A.T.C. will be part of a multi-collaborative U-M concussion study funded by the NCAA. The grant will provide $400,000 to the National Sport Concussion Outcomes Study Consortium to examine the effects of head injuries in contact and noncontact sports in both genders through the course of a college career.

The consortium hopes to study more than 1,000 male and female student-athletes competing in 11 sports at three schools to study the effects of contact on the brain. The researchers hope to track those athletes after their college careers end and examine the long-term effects of brain impacts – an area that is still not understood.

The study's collaborators and co-investigators include Dr. Jeff Kutcher from U-M NeuroSport and Dr. J.T. Eckner from the U-M Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.




NCAA grant to fund concussion study