Kines Students Shine at 2015 Research Events

Kinesiology undergrad Katherine Paulsen presents at the UROP Spring Symposium

Along with finals and graduation, April at the University of Michigan means celebrating student research. The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Spring Symposium and Graduate Student Research Showcase are a culmination of the year’s research and analysis – and a jumping off point for future research, work, and education.


The UROP Spring Symposium highlights undergraduate research projects from across the university. This year’s event featured poster presentations by seven Kinesiology undergraduates:

  • Raymond Bauer II, junior,
    “Assessment of Upper Limb and Balance Function Following Peripheral Nerve Injury”
  • Rachel Carlson, senior,
    “Effects of Aging and Physical Activity on Tactile Perception”
  • Donna Kert, sophomore,
    Age-Related Changes in the Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test in Typically Developing Children”
  •  Kellye McGlumphy, sophomore,
    “Cultural Factors Underlying Obesity in African-American and Latino-American Adolescents”
  • Jonathan Mendicelli, senior,
    “Warfighter Performance Assessment in Naturalistic Settings”
  • Katherine Paulsen, junior (shown in above photo),
    “Quantifying Vertical Jump Performance Under Load Using Inertial Measurement Units”
  •  Wesley Schermer, senior,
    “Age-Related Changes in Hand Grip Force Production in Typically Developing Children”

View photos from the UROP Spring Symposium


The Graduate Student Research Showcase highlights the research that Kinesiology master’s and Ph.D. students are currently working on, and gives faculty, staff, and guests the opportunity to ask questions. This year’s event featured oral and poster presentations by 15 students:

  • Jeff Cowley, doctoral student,
    “Effects of Proximal and Distal Muscle Fatigue on Repetitive Movements”
  • Michael Curran, doctoral student,
    “Quadriceps Muscle Strength and Sagittal Plane Knee Joint Mechanics Become Symmetrical After Return to Sport in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstructed Patients”
  • Stephanie Gerretsen, doctoral student,
    “Anatomy of a Bankruptcy: Hockey in the Desert, Glendale, and an Urban Plan Gone Wrong”
  • Tomas Gonzales, doctoral student,
    “The Effects of Aging on Proprioceptively-Guided Reaching Movements in Three-Dimensional Space”
  • Alexa Johnson, master’s student,
    “Peak Muscle Activation of the Transition Stride onto a Compliant Surface in Health Adults”
  • Gu Eon Kang, doctoral student,
    “Emotional Influences on Sit-to-Walk Healthy Young Adults”
  • Joon Sung Lee, doctoral student,
    “Impacts of Fan Identification and Moral Emotions on Moral Judgment Process”
  • Alison Ludzki, doctoral student,
    “Repression of ADP Transport by Palmitoyl-CoA is Attenuated by Exercise Training in Humans”
  • Kathryn O’Connor, doctoral student,
    “Estimation of Concussive Injury Risk Among High School Football Players Using Linear Acceleration”
  • Kara Palmer, doctoral student,
    “Children’s Changes in Object Control Skill Performance Due to Attentional Focus Cues”
  • Andy Pitchford, doctoral student,
    “Diurnal Cortisol Patterns in Adolescents with Down Syndrome: Pilot Study”
  • John Spooney, master’s student,
    “Health and Culture Project: Cultural Factors Underlying Physical Inactivity in African American Adolescents” 
  • Lorraine Suzuki, doctoral student,
    “Short-Term Memory Requirements Alter Potential for Plasticity in Motor Cortex”
  • Douglas Van Pelt, doctoral student,
    “Mild-Intensity Exercise Training Without Weight Loss Very Modestly Improves Cardio-Metabolic Disease Risk in Obese Adults”
  • Richelle Williams, doctoral student,
    “Cognition Changes Across a High School Football Season”

View photos from the Graduate Student Research Showcase