Hail Yeah! 2018

Hail Yeah!

Hail Yeah! on Wednesday, March 14 gives students an opportunity to express thanks to alums donating gifts under $50 -- because every gift counts to the U!

Kinesiology students are invited to swing by OUSA offices at 555 S. Forest between 8:30 and 11:00am to jot a note of appreciation to an alumni donor. The Office of University Development will supply pre-printed postcards and markers, and Kinesiology will provide ideas for what to include in your message. We'll even have a list of commonly misspelled words to help you.

Do you have a favorite prof? Ballots to nominate him or her for the much-coveted 2018 Excellence in Teaching Awards will be available here.

Bagels, coffee, and a limited number of Hail Yeah! t-shirts will be provided. Come early to get the best choice of sizes!