GivingBlueday Garners $40K for Kines

Giving Blueday 2016 Thank You

Over 7300 people gifted the University of Michigan on GivingBlueday, November 29, with over $5.5 million. The School of Kinesiology fared well, too – 85 donors, large and small, generously gave us a total of $40,000! Thank you!

Most of our gifts went to the Victors for Kinesiology Fund, whose allocations are made at Dean Lori Ploutz-Snyder’s discretion. One of the main uses of the Victors Fund is undergraduate and graduate assistance, both need- and merit-based. Multiple students have received, and will continue to receive, support that enables them to concentrate on school, rather than worrying about financial issues.

The gifts will also support programs throughout the school, including research, global initiatives, and fitness activities. Another use of the fund is travel -- assisting faculty and students attending conferences around the U.S. and the world to present our research and to hear about research being done at peer institutions.

If you missed the fun and hoopla on 11/29, but want to make a year-end gift, please visit the School of Kinesiology page on the Leaders and Best website!!/scu/kin

Thank you for making GivingBlueday a success!