Four Immersive Learning Courses for W16

DEI_Kinesiology Immersive Learning

"Hands-on learning, real-world skills," is the unifying theme for four Kinesiology immersive learning courses offered for Winter 2016. They are represented in the collage above, clockwise from top left:

  • Motion Capture (MOVESCI 313, sec 004), taught by Dr. Melissa Gross. Description: Using motion capture technology, students will design their own research experiments, test their hypotheses and communicate the kinematic results after analysis. YouTube video:

  • Exercise and Cardiovascular Technology (MOVESCI 313, sec 003), taught by Dr. Pete Bodary. Description: Using the latest exercise technology, students will design experiments and test hypotheses involving the oxygenation, hydration, and load of the cardiovascular system. YouTube video:

  • Mild Brain Trauma in Sport (MOVESCI 313, sec 001), taught by Dr. Steven Broglio. Description: By exploring current research of leading experts, students will create resources geared to educate athletes, parents, and policy-makers on the truths surrounding concussions. YouTube video:

  • Applied Child Development (MOVESCI 313, secs. 002 and 005), taught by Dr. Leah Robinson.  Description: While implementing a health and fitness program, students will assess the development of pre-K children by developing, testing, and analyzing research methods. YouTube video: