Ferris Lab, Powered Prosthetics on BTN


Dr. Dan Ferris and the Human Neuromechanics Laboratory will be featured on the Big Ten Network's "BTN LiveB1G," which showcases Big Ten students, faculty and alumni who are making a positive difference in the world.

The segment focuses on his lab's work with powered prosthetics, where subjects use myoelectric control with a bionic ankle. The goal is to enable an amputee to move his or her prosthetic limb by simply thinking of the desired action.

One of Dr. Ferris's students, Stephanie Huang, is also featured in the segment. A doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering, Stephanie was also guided by Jeffrey Wensman, a certified prosthetist.

"Powered Prosthetic" may be viewed Feb. 15 at 12:00am ET, Feb. 22 at 1:15pm ET, and possible future air times to be announced on the BTN website. You may also view the video on YouTube.


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