Faculty Present at MCubed Symposium


Three U-M Kinesiology Movement Science faculty gave oral presentations during the MCubed Symposium on Thursday, October 9 in Rackham Auditorium and the Michigan League.

Rebecca Hasson, Director of the Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory, was featured during “The MCubed Difference, Part 1,” portion of the symposium, in Rackham Auditorium at 10:00am. Her team’s project, titled, “Active Classroom,” examines “classroom environments of 3rd - 5th grades in an attempt to utilize the redesign of the typical classroom to increase physical (and cognitive) activity and contribute to an overall decrease in risk factors that lead to obesity”.

During the “Cubes in the Spotlight” portion of the symposium, two Kinesiology faculty, Dr. Dale Ulrich and Dr. Deanna Gates, with their MCubed teams, gave a 20-minute synopsis of their projects.

Dr. Ulrich, Director of the Center on Physical Activity and Health in Pediatric Disabilities, is part of the “Maternal Feeding Project Team 3” group, which is exploring “multiple aspects of family mealtime, parental attitudes towards diet, body image and child autonomy, and interactions regarding food that are separate from mealtime.”

Dr. Gates, Director of the Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory co-presented her MCubed team’s project, “Reducing effort through an augmented lower limb prostheses”. “This project explores the idea of improving performance of lower limb amputees by providing external power to the prosthesis. While many such devices are currently being developed, it remains unclear whether a patient can use external power to reduce metabolic effort, or what level of power we should provide the patient.”

Kinesiology faculty also participated during the poster session at the Michigan League. A complete list of poster participants is posted on the MCubed Symposium site.