Edington Retires After 36 Years


Professor Dee Edington is retiring from the School of Kinesiology after 36 years of leadership and innovation.

Edington began his career in 1969 when he was hired as an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts. In 1976 Edington began teaching at the University of Michigan and a year later, in 1977, was appointed the Department Chair of the Physical Education program (at that time, housed in the School of Education). That same year he founded the Health Management Research Center.

In 1984 the University separated Physical Education from the School of Education, and Dee became the first Director of the Division of Physical Education. Six years later in 1990, the Regents officially approved "Kinesiology" as the name of the Division—as a stand-alone, degree-granting unit—and Edington as the Director of the Division.

Edington’s expertise has earned him several distinguished awards and recognition, including:

  • Distinguished Contribution to the Science of Health Risk Appraisal, Society of Prospective Medicine;
  • One-Hundred Health Industry Leaders, VIP Award;
  • Michigan State University Distinguished Alumnus, School of Education and Kinesiology Career Award;
  • Lifetime Achievement Award–Governor’s Award from the State of Michigan;
  • Distinguished Career Award, Woodward Lecture, U.S. Navy Medical; and the
  • Excellence and Innovation in Value Purchasing Award from the National Business Group on Health.

Dean Ron Zernicke said of Edington, “As an educator, leader, and innovator, Dr. Edington has made a 'difference' … a positive difference … he’s been part of the Michigan Difference. He’s been a catalyst for change … a leader of colleagues, academia, and health care and wellness. I want to thank Dr. Edington for his passion, innovation, leadership, and service to all of the students, peers, staff, alumni and friends at the University of Michigan and the School of Kinesiology.”

Professor Edington received his B.S. in Mathematics from Michigan State University, M.S. in Physical Education from Florida State University and Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Michigan State University.