Broglio New Task Force Chair

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Medicine of Cycling announced that AT associate professor Steven Broglio is the new chairperson of the Medicine of Cycling Research Task Force. Dr. Broglio is an internationally prominent concussion researcher, and the director of the NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory. He is also an avid cyclist.

“We are delighted to have Steven as the new chair of the Medicine of Cycling Research Task Force.  Dr. Broglio has significant expertise and international renown in peer-reviewed research to the task force,” said Anna Abramson, M.D., co-founder of Medicine of Cycling. “Despite the popularity of cycling worldwide, cycling medicine has surprisingly few large-scale, peer-reviewed studies,” Dr. Abramson continued, “And all of us in cycling will benefit by Dr. Broglio’s experience in identifying, coordinating and reviewing high-quality research.”

The Research Task Force holds regular meetings and curates the Cycling Medicine Research Library located ( which now includes over 8,000 articles.  The task force, made up from a diverse group of medical professionals and researchers, will select the research papers for the 2016 Medicine of Cycling Conference to be held in August in Colorado.