Academic Adviser Creates Custom Clothing Brand, Travels World Solo


La’Joya Orr likes to combine travel and fashion.

Travel first interested Orr when she attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate student in 2004. After graduating with a minor in Japanese she lived for a year in Japan. She then returned to the United States because her mother was ill, and found a job at the School of Kinesiology as an admissions counselor in 2010.

She began designing two years ago by what she says was on "accident". She has since traveled to 27 countries to find inspiration for her brand, Le'Lonnie Couture. 

In between world traveling, creating outfits from scratch and working in admissions, Orr has a full agenda. However, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She says “I love the work I do in higher education and I love the work I do in fashion.”

Read the full article by Ben Bugajski in The University Record for the full story about Le'Lonnie Couture.