Better Living Fitness Info Session

Better Living Fitness
Friday, November 9, 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm
555 S. Forest, Large Student Space (rm 105)
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Have you wondered how you could combine your love of exercise, sport and movement with a meaningful career? Your mastery of kinesiology makes you a perfect personal trainer, and personal training is a direct path to changing people's lives. Few other professions allow you to see people at their very best and impact them in such a significant way. Professional trainers not only help unlock fitness potential, they rehabilitate injuries, impact daily function and teach people to move better.

Better Living Fitness ( is a leading personal training organization located in Ann Arbor, MI. Owner Mark Thiesmeyer Hook (MS '00) will share battle stories of triumph, frustration, and humor from nearly 20 years as a personal trainer, dietitian and business owner. Come learn more about a career in personal training and discover how your expertise opens a career door you may not have seen.

Lunch will be provided.