Kraus construction site mobilization begins


The site mobilization for the Kraus Building Renovation and Addition began on August 20. During the last two weeks of August, the project's construction manager will begin to prepare the building site for the upcoming construction project that begins in September 2018 and runs through fall 2019. Specific activities occurring in August include:

  • Installation of site fencing around the perimeter of the site
  • Construction of a new service drive to the Angel/Mason/Haven/Tisch loading dock, parallel to the existing access drive
  • Relocate bus stop shelter from north side of Kraus to the west, closer to State St.
  • Deliver and set up temporary construction office trailers on plaza east of Kraus
  • Installation of temporary sidewalks
  • Tree protection
  • Revise site lighting
  • Installation of crushed stone over lawn areas to be used for equipment staging

The site will be fully prepared in advance of the start of Fall term.

For more construction details, including logistics, maps, and sustainability, please visit