Kinesiology Alumni Society

Welcome to the Kinesiology Alumni Society!

As U-M Kinesiology students, you and I had the educational experience of a lifetime. We benefited from amazing degree programs… high-impact faculty research projects… hands-on learning opportunities… internships… mentoring… and the camaraderie that comes from being part of a close, family-like educational community.

During our student days, we developed a powerful connection to the School and each other. That connection doesn’t end with graduation. In fact, graduation is just the beginning.

Thanks to the Kinesiology Alumni Society (KAS), you can maintain an active, lifelong association with the School. You can stay engaged. Meet fellow alums in your city and your state. Develop a worldwide professional network. Keep up with campus news and events. Stay in touch with classmates. Mentor students. And pay it forward by supporting the School as a volunteer and donor.

Keep your connection to Kinesiology strong. Get involved with KAS today!

-- Robert Haddad, SMC ‘98
Coordinating Producer, MLB Productions
Past Board Chair, Kinesiology Alumni Society

About KAS

The first Kinesiology Alumni Society meeting was held on April 9, 1992, when it was agreed that the Division of Kinesiology would form a formal “Alumni Society.” Those in attendance included alumni:

  • Clare Canham-Eaton 
  • Don Eaton
  • Ruth Harris
  • Dick Honig 
  • Larry Katz
  • Sheryl Szady

Staff included:

  • Don Dufek
  • Shelly Kovacs
  • Pat Materka

Since its formation, with the active support of alums worldwide, KAS has expanded its alumni programs and activities to include:

If you’ve ever been enrolled in Kinesiology, or in the School of Education (PE) prior to 1984, you’re automatically a member of KAS -- even if you didn’t earn a degree!

The KAS Board of Governors meets regularly to help determine future activities benefiting all Kinesiology graduates. Learn more about the KAS Board.

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