Achievement Awards

The Kinesiology Alumni Achievement Awards are given each year to alumni and friends who have made a significant impact in their careers, service, and philanthropy. 

2019 Alumni Achievement Awardees awardees are listed below. They will be honored at the Kinesiology event on the Diag, Friday, October 4, 2019. Congratulations to all!

  • Early Career Achievement: Given to a recent Kinesiology alumnus who is excelling in a field related to Kinesiology. The 2019 awardees are Leah Ketcheson and Daniel Schachne​.
  • Career Achievement: Given to a Kinesiology alumnus who has shown outstanding professional and personal achievement throughout their career in their chosen field and/or public service in any field. The 2019 awardees are Jim Nagy and J.J. Putz.
  • Lifetime Achievement: Given to an individual whose service to Michigan Kinesiology has enhanced and changed Kinesiology over time. The 2019 awardee is Barry Franklin.
  • Distinguished Service: Awarded to a living person (alum or not) whose generous volunteer service to the School of Kinesiology merits special recognition by the Alumni Society Board of Directors. The 2019 awardee is Jordan Field.
  • Dean's Medal: This award is given to a person whose accomplishments merit special recognition. Not awarded in 2019.

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Criteria for Awards and the Nomination Process

Overall Criteria for Awards

  • Nominees must be alums in good standing, as defined by Kinesiology and the Alumni Society Board.
  • Nomination must be based on at least partial activity in, or support of activity, in the Kinesiology field.
  • Nomination must be supported by another Kinesiology alumna/us.
  • Recipients must accept the award in person (unless deceased).
  • If a nominee cannot attend the ceremony, the award will be deferred until the following year.
  • Recipients must have earned a degree.
  • Current Kinesiology faculty members are not eligible.
  • Emeritus professors may be nominated.
  • Current Kinesiology staff are not eligible.
  • Current KAS Board members may be nominated.

The Nomination Process

  • Nominations are invited from board members and non-members who are alumni, and can be submitted via e-mail or letter.
  • Nominees are asked to submit supporting materials (nominee form, resume, short bio) that are reviewed by the Alumni Board Awards Subcommittee, then submitted to the entire Alumni Board for consideration.
  • The Board Chair notifies the award winners and invites them to the awards ceremony, which is the Friday of Homecoming weekend.
  • Award winners receive two tickets for the M-Go Blue Tailgate and the football game, along with two nights of lodging.

Please feel free to contact KAS Board Awards Subcommittee Co-Chairs James Harasin ( or Liz Sibilisky-Enselman ( with questions about these awards, or to submit your nominee.

Nominations for 2021 awards will be solicited just after New Years. Nominations must be accompanied by a brief biography of the nominee and a description of why you think they deserve recognition.

Past Kinesiology Alumni Society Board Award Recipients

Dan Gaiman and Erin Prober-Charlupski, Early Career Achievement
Danny Koblin and Brian Movalson, Career Achievement
Noel Cimmino​, Distinguished Service

Nick Shaw and Mike Israetel, Early Career Achievement
José Kottoor and Melva Thompson-Robinson, Career Achievement
Donna Fry, Lifetime Achievement

Liz Godek and Donté Scott, Early Career Achievement
Robb Dunn and Andrew Pudduck, Career Achievement
Nancy "Eric" Erickson, Lifetime Achievement
Pete Kempf and Shelly Kovacs, Distinguished Service
George Wade, Dean's Medal

David Oxfeld and Michael Stack, Early Career Achievement
AJ Duffy and John Rotche, Career Achievement
Don Eaton and Clare Canham-Eaton, Distinguished Service

Eryn McVerry and Shavannia Williams, Early Career Achievement
Thomas Wilcher, Career Achievement
Jon Urbanchek, Lifetime Achievement
Sheryl Szady, Distinguished Service
Jeannine Galetti, Dean's Medal​

Aaron Shea, Early Career Achievement
Roger Zatkoff, Dean's Medal

Robert Haddad, Early Career Achievement
Joan Bickner, Dean's Medal

Geoff Prentice, Early Career Achievement
Albert Green, Career Achievement
Art Weltman, Career Achievement

Shawn Regan, Early Career Achievement
Jonathan Paley, Early Career Achievement
Dr. Robert John Moffatt, Career Achievement
Dr. William McArdle, Lifetime Achievement
Herb Deromedi, Lifetime Achievement

Jessica Berman, Early Career Achievement
R. Richard Ray, Career Achievement
Shirley Howard Cooper, Lifetime Achievement

Justin Schulman, Early Career Achievement
Carolyn Clymer Voorhees, Career Achievement
John Faulkner, Lifetime Achievement

Chris Parker, Early Career Achievement
George Brooks, Career Achievement
Joan Farrell, Lifetime Achievement

Todd Gershwin, Early Career Achievement
Dr. Charlie Kuntzleman, Career Achievement
Dr. Joe Vaughn, Lifetime Achievement

Dick Honig, Career Achievement
Rod Grambeau, Lifetime Achievement

Scott Jeffer, Early Career Achievement
Marvin Gans, Career Achievement
Steve Galetti, Lifetime Achievement
Phyllis Ocker, Lifetime Achievement
Phyllis Weikart, Lifetime Achievement

Mark Hildebrandt, Early Career Achievement
Steve Sarns, Early Career Achievement
Reggie McKenzie, Career Achievement
Joyce Lindeman, Lifetime Achievement

Pam Davis, Early Career Achievement
Ken Burnley, Career Achievement
William Hardy, Career Achievement

Roger Harvey, Early Career Achievement
Carrie Meek, Career Achievement
David Lohrmann, Career Achievement
Pat Materka, Lifetime Achievement Award

Guy Reiff
Yevonne Smith
Tim Uhl

Barbara Roark Passmore
Susan Kandarian
Ruth Harris
Newt Loken
Kenneth Simmons

Don Dufek
Patty Freedson
Andy Kozar
Anthony Mitchell

George Wade
Mary Borst
Carrie Meek
Kathy Clark
Tom Wilcher

Mary Lou Hook Allen
Cece Dumbrigue
Al Renfrew
Jon Urbanchek
Debbie Coyle

Micki King
Dick Kimball
Irv Wisniewski

Barbara Forker
Tom Goss
Christine Wells
Kelli Bert

Marie Hartwig
Elmo Morales
Roger Zatkoff
Tim Fagan

Dave Nelson
Don Canham
Griz Zimmerman