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Galetti Scholarship: Albert's Story

Albert Karschnia, SM '15
Football Operations and Recruiting Intern at Michigan Football
Galetti Scholarship Recipient

“I was speechless, amazed. Here was someone who didn’t know me, and yet she was willing to help me pursue my dreams.”

Albert Karschnia was in the seventh grade when he picked up a book on sport management careers and found U-M Kinesiology listed in the index. From that moment on, he says, he dreamed of attending the University of Michigan.

During his senior year, Albert applied to Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. When Wayne State offered him a full scholarship, Albert admits, “it threw a big wrench into my decision-making, even though I’d always dreamed of attending Michigan.” But then he received a letter informing him that he’d been awarded a four-year scholarship from the Stephen and Jeannine Galetti Endowment.

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“I was speechless, amazed,” Albert recalls. “Here was someone who didn’t even know me, and yet she was willing to help me pursue my dreams.”

Today, Albert is convinced he made the right decision in choosing Michigan. As proof, he points to the daily excitement of being part of an evolving Sport Management curriculum, the faculty who are committed to his future success, the close-knit community feeling within the School, and the three internships that have provided him with the kind of real-world experience impossible to duplicate in a classroom.

“As a scholarship recipient, I want to make the most of my education,” Albert says. “But I also want to make a difference, here and now. I want to do something, as a student, that leaves a legacy the same way Mrs. Galetti’s husband left a legacy that has far exceeded his time at Michigan.”

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About the Galetti Scholarship

It was college sports that drew Jeannine and Stephen Galetti together at Bowling Green State University, where he played on the basketball team and she, a physical education major, was on the cheerleading squad. In 1963, Steve began what would be a 30+ year career as a U-M faculty member in what would later become Kinesiology’s Sport Management program. Jeannine joined the dance faculty at Eastern Michigan University and chaired the university’s Dance Division.

In 1988, the year Steve retired from the U-M, his division colleagues established the Stephen J. Galetti Award, to be given to a promising undergraduate student. In 2013, as part of the Victors for Michigan Campaign, Mrs. Galetti decided to make a $100,000 gift to the School. A portion of her contribution will be used to permanently endow the Stephen Galetti Award, with the remainder going to the Stephen and Jeannine Galetti Endowed Scholarship Fund. The Michigan Matching Initiative for Student Support will bring her total gift amount to $125,000 and will make it possible to support four students a year, with awards going to one freshman, sophomore, junior and senior annually.

“It was very important to me to keep the Galetti Award alive, and the only way to assure that was to create an endowed fund,” Jeannine explains. “As to the Stephen and Jeannine Galetti Endowed Scholarship Fund, I can’t think of a better use for money. The School is pursuing areas of research that are truly important to our world today. And I’m delighted at the quality of both students and faculty.”



Kemp Scholarship: Katie's Story

Katie Poggensee, MVS '14
Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Kemp Scholarship Recipient

“There are classes not being offered, and obsolete equipment not being updated, because funds simply aren’t available.”

Following an “unimpressive” campus visit, Katie Poggensee had no intention of applying to Michigan. But that changed when she met Professor Jeff Horowitz and toured his Substrate Metabolism Laboratory. “That lab was one of the coolest thing I’d ever seen,” she recalls. “It changed my mind about the University. During the drive home, I completed my essay on why I wanted to attend Michigan Kinesiology.”

During her four years as an undergraduate at the School of Kinesiology, Katie participated in two research assistantships. Both of them were valuable, albeit in different ways. Her first assistantship with Professor Dan Ferris and the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab resulted in a paper published in a scientific journal. During her work experience in the Musculoskeletal Tissue Emulation Laboratory, she learned how to deal with real-world issues such as funding, statistical bugs, and staff turnover.

“Taken together,” she explains, “those two experiences decided me on a career as a research scientist.” Her next stop is a graduate program in mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon. And after that? “I’ve always liked the idea of helping others learn. Five or ten years from now, I see myself working in a major research university.”

Despite her hectic academic schedule, Katie served on the Student Committee of the Victors for Michigan campaign. One of the lessons she’s taken away from that experience is the power of relatively small contributions to make a big difference.

“Right now, there are classes not being offered and obsolete equipment not being updated, because funds simply aren’t available,” she says. “I recently donated fifty dollars to U-M Kinesiology because being part of this campaign has shown me that even the smallest donations can have an impact.”

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Stan Kemp, BS ‘67, was a member of the 1965 U-M Rose Bowl Championship team. He officiated in high school, the Big Ten, and the NFL. He also coached varsity football at Greenville (MI) High School, his alma mater, and was a business and civic leader. In 2012, he was inducted posthumously into the inaugural class of the Greenville High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Friends of Mr. Kemp established the Stan Kemp Scholarship in 1994. It is designated for juniors, seniors, and graduate students who display Mr. Kemp’s high character, leadership, scholarship, integrity, and idealism. Five scholarships are presented each year.