Sport Management Student Groups

Sport Management majors lead and participate in student-run campus organizations like:

  • Michigan Sports Analytics Society (MSAS)
  • Michigan Sport Business Conference (MSBC), ranked the #1 U.S. sports business conference by Forbes
  • Michigan Sport Consulting Group (MSCG)
  • Michigan Women Empowerment in Sport and Entertainment (MWESE)
  • Sport Business Association (SBA)

Learn more about each one below:


Michigan Sports Analytics Society (MSAS)

MSAS member Advay Muchoor

Mission: To foster and grow sport analytics on the University of Michigan campus by creating a network of students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals interested in sport analytics. 

MSAS draws its membership from students of diverse majors on campus, like Sport Management, Data Science, Statistics, and Computer Science. With faculty support and advising from the Sport Management program and the School of Information, MSAS students benefit from the guidance of faculty with expertise in the business of sport and analytics. Students also benefit by working on client-based projects with industry partners, like Michigan Football, Basketball, Softball, and Lacrosse. MSAS currently houses two sub-organizations: Michigan Sabermetrics (M-SABR), focusing on baseball, and Michigan Football Analytics (M-FANS), focusing on football.

Photo: MSAS member Advay Muchoor explains his work on PlayerLoad and Distance using data collected from the Catapult technology with the Varsity Men's Lacrosse team.

Michigan Sport Business Conference (MSBC)

MSBS 2018 planning team

Mission: To create unique experiences that empower the next generation of sport industry leaders.

MSBC is an undergraduate-run platform that is defining the narrative in sport business and empowering tomorrow’s industry leaders. Connections made at MSBC have resulted in internships, jobs, new business ventures, and development opportunities. Undergraduate students from all majors are invited to attend the conference and also to apply to become a member of the MSBC Planning Team.

Photo: MSBC 2018 Student Planning Team on the field in the Big House.

Michigan Sport Consulting Group (MSCG)

MSBC event Sydney Buchanan Justin Wu

Mission: To expose students to authentic projects in sport business that provide real-world experience and build relationships with industry professionals.

MSCG comprises committed students, predominantly from the Sport Management program, as well as students majoring in Business, Industrial & Operations Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics. MSCG thrives on diversity of thought and encourages diverse student involvement through all levels of the organization, from analysts through the executive-board members, to provide creative insights and recommendations to clients in all different areas of expertise.

In past years, MSCG students have gained valuable real-world experience consulting on projects with various clients, like Michigan International Speedway, the Oak View Group (OVG), and Navigate Research. Each semester, MSCG aims to work with new clients to continue providing unique experiences for students that enhance their education and extend learning outside of the classroom.

Photo: Sydney Buchanan and Justin Wu, project managers for MSCG's $implebet project, explain the basis of the sport gambling legal landscape.

Michigan Women Empowerment in Sport & Entertainment (MWESE)

MWESE with guest speakers

Mission: To provide students with opportunities to create strong connections with peers and industry professionals, stimulating personal growth and expanding professional networks.

MWESE is committed to the development and professional growth of women in the sport and entertainment industries. Students from all majors who are interested in working in sport and entertainment are welcome to join. Members participate in year-round events designed to foster individual connections with industry professionals in a smaller setting, like panel presentations and round table discussions.

Photo: MWESE Director of Member Relations Julie Boris; MWESE President (2019-2020) Sarah Perrigo; Senior VP of Public Affairs for the American Gaming Association Sara Slane; MWESE President (2018-2019) Meghan Cotant; Vice President (2018-2019) Elana Pinto; Corporate Partners Activation Manager at New York Mets Ally Futterman; Talent Relations Manager at Turner Sports Olivia Scarlett

Sport Business Association (SBA)

SBA London trip 2019

Mission: To provide students with professional development opportunities while preparing them to be future leaders who will make meaningful contributions to the sport & entertainment industry.

SBA students gain knowledge of the sport and entertainment industry by participating in year-round events strategically planned and executed by the SBA student leadership team.  SBA events provide valuable opportunities for members to engage with and learn from their peers and top industry executives from across the globe through speaker events, professional development workshops, and on-site organization visits. SBA students have visited leading organizations in Chicago; Detroit; Los Angeles; London, UK; and New York. SBA welcomes undergraduate students from all majors who are passionate about pursuing a career in sport and entertainment. 

Photo: SBA/SM London Spring Break 2019 trip participants at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, England.