Classroom Schedules

Kinesiology classroom schedules are maintained in the M-Pathways system. To view classroom availability (login required) or AV instructions, click the appropriate link below:

Schedule Capacity AV Instructions
CCRB 3040 48 CCRB 3040/3050 AV Instructions
CCRB 3050 32 CCRB 3040/3050 AV Instructions
CCRB 3733 25 CCRB 3733 AV Instructions
CCRB 3735 (Bickner Auditorium) 68 CCRB 3735 AV Instructions
CCRB 3741 25  
OBL 1100 44 OBL 1100 AV Instructions
OBL 2100 44 OBL 2100 AV Instructions
OBL 3100 24 OBL 3100 AV Instructions


Classroom Features

All classrooms offer:

  • Computer lectern
  • Data/video projection
  • Campus broadband/wireless
  • Whiteboard

In addition:

  • Document cameras are in 3040 CCRB, 3050 CCRB, 3735 CCRB, 1100 OBL, and 2100 OBL (but not in 3733 or 3741 CCRB, or 3100 OBL)
  • Overhead projectors are in 3733 CCRB and 3100 OBL
  • Laptops are in 3050 CCRB (8) and 3100 OBL (15). Key sign-out required for laptop cabinets.
  • Cable T.V. and portable microphone are in 3735 CCRB

Reservation Requests by U-M Faculty & Staff

Classroom Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:00am–5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Classroom reservations may be made for times not listed above, as long as a full-time U-M staff or faculty member is supervising the event. To reserve a classroom, please e-mail Caroline Lucas (, Administrative Assistant for Curriculum.

Reservation Requests for Student Group Events

The SOAS student groups listed below may schedule CCRB and Observatory Lodge classrooms, at no cost, through Caroline Lucas (

  • Kinesiology Student Government (KSG)
  • Michigan Sport Business Conference
  • Michigan Sports Analytics Society (MSAS)
  • Nutrition Club
  • Organization for Athletic Training Students (OATS)
  • Phi Epsilon Kappa
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Club
  • Sport Business Association (SBA)
  • Sports Medicine Club

Also, these Kinesiology service groups:

  • Mentorship
  • Peer Advisors
  • Ambassadors

Meetings held after 5:00pm in Kinesiology facilities must be attended by a Kinesiology faculty or staff member.