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The School of Kinesiology welcomes transfer students from other schools on campus. Students who have transferred to Kinesiology love the close-knit environment within Kinesiology. Our professors are accessible and engaging. Our advising staff is passionate about student success, and your peers in Kinesiology will challenge and support you every step of the way.

Cross-campus students are those who have completed college coursework on the Ann Arbor campus. Students are not eligible to cross-campus transfer until their sophomore year. For example, an incoming freshman for Fall 2014 can first apply to cross-campus transfer to the School of Kinesiology for the Fall 2015 semester.

Want to learn more about cross-campus transferring into the School of Kinesiology? Attend one of our Cross-Campus Information Sessions! Check our schedule for dates and times.

Application & Deadlines


Cross-campus applicants must complete and submit the following:

Please note: The application does not allow you to save your work and return at a later time, so please have your essay available to upload at the time you complete the application.


The School of Kinesiology accepts transfer applications for FALL and WINTER semesters only. The deadlines are:

Fall: February 1
Winter: October 1

Cross-campus applicants should also be aware of deadlines for secondary admission applications.

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Criteria for Admission

The School of Kinesiology considers the following academic factors in determining admission for cross-campus students:

  • Movement Science Cross Campus Transfer Criteria (effective Fall 2012)
  • Number of credit hours completed by proposed term of entry. When spaces are limited, priority is given to students entering their junior year;
  • Level of achievement in college course work. Admission is highly selective and dependent on spaces available;
  • Progress towards completion of general degree requirements. Students in Kinesiology must complete a minimum of 12 credits in each area of distribution (Humanities, Natural Science, and Social Science);
  • Progress towards completion of required coursework in the major area of study. Students applying to Athletic Training, Sport Management, or Health & Fitness must complete pre-requisite courses to be considered for admission (see below);
  • Demonstrated interest in the intended major area of study.

Bulletin sections describing prerequisite courses:

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Secondary Applications

Athletic Training and Sport Management require a secondary admission application prior to the sophomore or junior year.

Athletic Training: Due April 1
  •  ATEP Handbook
  •  ATEP Program Application

Sport Management: Due February 1
  •  SM Level 2 Application Guidelines
  •  SM Level 2 Application

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Prospective Student Advising

Prospective cross-campus applicants are encouraged to attend one of our Cross Campus Info Sessions to learn more about the academic majors and transfer process. Check our schedule for dates and times.

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