The Master’s Program in Sport Management at the University of Michigan attracts quality students from around the globe. Lead by a world-class Faculty, we offer our students a unique educational experience by exposing them to a wide array of information required to manage the Sport Enterprise such as: entrepreneurship, urban planning, finance, economics, diversity, social justice, corporate social responsibility, marketing (sponsorship, sales, and consumer behavior), law, globalization, and organizational behavior. In addition to having Faculty with expert knowledge of Sport Business and an unparalleled commitment to our students’ learning process, we also expose our students to the unique insights of leading Sport Industry Executives – affording them ‘one-of-a kind’ opportunities to participate in valuable ‘real-life’ projects, activities, and experiences. As such, we are equipping and empowering our students for the wealth of leadership opportunities in the youth, community, collegiate, professional, and international sectors of the multi-faceted Sport Industry, and in related corporate entities. These Program features, combined with the unparalleled resources of our University, are allowing us to redefine the Business of Sport … with the Michigan Difference!


Who Should Apply

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The Master’s Program in Sport Management is appropriate for individuals who have a desire to learn about the nuances of managing the Sport Enterprise. The Program is suitable for students in various academic disciplines including but not limited to: sport studies, business/management, marketing, finance/economics, health sciences, and social sciences. It is also appropriate for individuals seeking to improve their marketability for a career in the Sport Industry, and for Sport Industry professionals seeking knowledge for career advancement. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours, including:

Core Curriculum (15 hours)

  • KINESLGY 503 Legal Aspects of Sport (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 509 Financial Management for the Sport Industry (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 532 Organizational Behavior & Human Resources (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 514 Strategic Management in Sport (3 credits)
  • KINESLGY 550 Marketing Management for the Sport Industry (3 credits)

Other Requirements (15+ hours)

  • KINESLGY 615 Philosophy of Science and Research (3 credits)
  • Sport Management elective(s) (3+ credits)
  • Graduate-level statistics (3-4 credits)
  • Cognate elective credits of student's choice (4+ credits): Any appropriate graduate-level course(s) will fulfill this Rackham requirement that a minimum of four credits must be taken outside the School of Kinesiology. Note: The remainder of the 30 credits will be from appropriate graduate-level courses offered by the School or by other U-M graduate programs.

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