Daniel Ferris Ph.D.

Professor, Movement Science
Director, Human Neuromechanics Laboratory
Member, Rehabilitation Robotics Group
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Areas of Interest

Biomechanics, neuromechanical control, locomotion, prosthetics, robotic exoskeletons, rehabilitation, mobile brain imaging



Lau, T. M., Gwin J. T., & Ferris D. P. (2014).  Walking reduces sensorimotor network connectivity compared to standing. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation. 11(1), 14.


Voloshina, A. S., Kuo A. D., Daley M. A., & Ferris D. P. (2013).  Biomechanics and energetics of walking on uneven terrain. Journal of Experimental Biology. 216(21), 3963 - 3970.


Lau, T. M., Gwin J. T., & Ferris D. P. (2012).  How Many Electrodes Are Really Needed for EEG-Based Mobile Brain Imaging?. Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science. 02(03), 387 - 393.

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