SHARP Insights: Radical Reform of Intercollegiate Athletics: Antitrust, Title IX, and Public Policy
Lecture by Stephen Ross

Penn State Institute for Sports Law, Policy, and Research

“Intercollegiate athletics face myriad problems and many consider this a looming crisis. Current levels of spending appear to be non-sustainable,” says Stephen Ross. “Financially strapped universities spend millions on non-revenue sports that might be better spent elsewhere on campus; revenue-sports elite athletes contribute millions while many struggle financially.”

In this provocative lecture, Ross will present his own suggestions for reform for these problems that would require NCAA schools to develop uniform accounting principles, require Division I football and basketball programs to actually pay for themselves, and -- after providing an equivalent number of opportunities to female athletes -- dramatically restrict funding for other sports.

A collaboration between the University of Michigan and the Women's Sports Foundation, the SHARP Center supports research and policymaking to enhance the lives of women and girls through sport, play, and movement. For additional information, please contact Terri Eagen-Torkko at 734-647-6394 or

Ross Lecture Flyer

Date and Time 
Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Contact Person 

Terri Eagen-Torkko

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(734) 647-6394
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