Sean Meehan


My research focuses on brain plasticity and the neural control of movement. I utilize non-invasive methods to study the brain, like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), to determine the brain correlates of movement performance and motor skill learning in healthy and clinical populations such as stroke. In particular, my recent research is centered upon how different brain systems underlying motor control/learning interact to determine brain plasticity with an emphasis upon enhancing stroke rehabilitation.

Areas of interest

Motor control; Motor learning; Non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS); Stroke; Rehabilitation; Attention; Working Memory


CCRB 3732
401 Washtenaw Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2214
(734) 763-8296
(734) 936-1925


Course Course Title Credits Term Instructor
KINESLGY 522 Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuroimaging 3 As Arranged Meehan
Course Name RO: Clin Neurophys Image
Course Level: Graduate
This course is an introduction to neuroimaging techniques commonly used in neuroscience research. Techniques will be discussed in light of the study of clinical neurophysiology and neuroplasticity associated with motor control and learning deficits.
Prerequisites: Advisory: MOVESCI 320.
Component: LEC
MOVESCI 320 Motor Control 4 Fall, Winter Meehan
Course Name RO: Motor Control
Course Level: Undergraduate
Introduces students to the neural and behavioral basis of motor control. It covers nervous system structures involved in planning, executing and learning movements, as well as the principles of motor control that apply to locomotion, reaching and grasping, eye movements and more complex skills.
Prerequisites: (MOVESCI 110 or Athletic Training BS Major) and (MEDADM 401 or MOVESCI 230 or AT/PHYSED 310) and (MOVESCI 250 or S250 Student Group) and (PHYSIOL 201 or Athletic Training BS Major).
Component: LEC,LAB
MOVESCI 422 Motor Learning 3 As Arranged Meehan
Course Name RO: Motor Learning
Course Level: Undergraduate
Motor Learning- An introduction to the behavioral and neurobiological basis of adaptation and motor learning. Evidence from behavioral and neuroimaging studies across beginners and expert performers will be considered with an emphasis on leveraging motor learning in rehabilitation of clinical populations. This course will be of interest to students considering careers in rehabilitation or other health-related fields.
Prerequisites: MOVESCI 320 or permission of instructor.
Component: LEC
MOVESCI 429 Laboratory Rotation in Motor Control 1-3 Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Meehan
Course Name RO: Lab Mtr Cnt Dev
Course Level: Undergraduate
Students work in a professor's laboratory to learn research methods and participate in the scientific process. May be taken twice.
Prerequisites: MOVESCI 320; permission of instructor.
Component: LAB