Ketra Armstrong

Ketra Armstrong

Areas of interest

Sports marketing; sport consumer behavior; impact of race and/or gender on sport consumption; sport behaviors of women and consumers of African descent.


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Course Course Title Credits Term Instructor
KINESLGY 615 Philosophy of Science and Research in Kinesiology 3 Winter Armstrong
Course Name RO: Phil Sci Res Kines
Course Level: Graduate
Topics include the nature of scientific inquiry, theories of knowledge acquisition; empirical vs. theoretical research; basic vs. applied research; induction and deduction; doubts and alternatives; objectivity of science; facts, laws and theories; pseudo-science; causation and mechanism; formulation of problems, research design and use of statistics.
Prerequisites: Graduate status.
Component: LEC
SM 421 Gender and Sport 3 As Arranged Armstrong
Course Name RO: Gender and Sport
Course Level: Undergraduate
This course offers an introduction to issues and debates surrounding gender and sport in general, and women in sport in particular. It will utilize a critical perspective to examine sport as a significant social institution and to explore its relationship to the cultural construction and interpretation of gender.
Component: LEC
SM 436 Race Relations, Cultural Images, and Sport 3 Fall, Winter Armstrong
Course Name RO: Race Rel,Cul Images
Course Level: Undergraduate
This course examines, informs, and analyzes the historical and contemporary experiences of ethnic groups in sport and society. While Latinos, Samoan-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Native-Americans, and Asian-Americans will be addressed, the focus will be on the experience of African-Americans in integrating sport.
Prerequisites: SM Level II.
Component: LEC