Josh Mergos

Areas of interest

Intraoperative neuromonitoring.


OBL 2145
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Course Course Title Credits Term Instructor
MOVESCI 361 Introduction to Surgical Neuromonitoring 3 As Arranged Mergos
Course Name RO: Intro Surg Neuromon
Course Level: Undergraduate
Students will learn principles relevant to the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM.) The basics of electricity and circuits, basic neurophysiology and anatomy, and introduction to surgical procedures will be explored as relevant to examining neurophysiologic structures at risk.
Prerequisites: Advisory: Physics 135 or 140.
Component: LEC
MOVESCI 362 Surgical Neuromonitoring Lab 2 As Arranged Mergos
Course Name RO: Surg Neuromon Lab
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course provides a hands-on approach to learning about neuropathways in the human body. Lectures and lab exercises will illustrate how these internal circuits are connected and how we can evoke, record and measure the activity.
Component: LEC,LAB
MOVESCI 363 Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring 4 As Arranged Mergos
Course Name RO: IONM
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course will focus on the neurophysiologic systems that form the basis for each modality utilized for intraoperative monitoring. Students will learn how each system functions and how it is evoked to prepare for learning in a subsequent hands-on surgical experience. A brief introduction to anesthesia is also covered.
Prerequisites: Enforced: MOVESCI 361 and 362 (MOVESCI 362: B- grade min).
Component: LEC
MOVESCI 465 Neuroanesthesia and Advanced Topics in IONM 3 As Arranged Mergos
Course Name RO: Neuro Adv Top IONM
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course will introduce students to advanced IONM techniques, including cortical mapping, provocative testing and deep brain stimulation. Students will also learn about anesthesia, including neural mechanisms, general classifications and effects on neurophysiological signals. Principles of medical imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray) will also be introduced.
Prerequisites: Enforced: MOVESCI 320 & 464.
Component: LEC