David Moore

Areas of interest

Consumer behavior; marketing sports participation and healthy lifestyles.


OBL 3114
1402 Washington Hts.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2013
(734) 647-2436
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Course Course Title Credits Term Instructor
KINESLGY 550 Marketing Management for the Sport Industry 3 Fall Moore
Course Name RO: Mkt Mngmtin Sport
Course Level: Graduate
This course applies the fundamental concepts in marketing management to managerial decision making in the sport industry. Included in the course are the following: (1) customer orientation to marketing, (2) consumer (or fan) behavior analysis, (3) market segmentation strategies, (4) market research methods, (5) brand management strategies, (6) marketing mix strategies, (7) the development of a strategic marketing plan.
Prerequisites: Kinesiology Graduate status.
Component: LEC
SM 444 Sales Management in the Sport Industry 3 Fall, Winter Moore
Course Name RO: Sales Mng in Spt Ind
Course Level: Undergraduate
This course is designed to provide students with the theory, the conceptual framework and the managerial practices associated with sales management in the sport industry. Course covers (a) strategic sales Force management, (b) the personal selling process - relationship selling process, prospecting, planning the sales call, and successful sales presentation methods, (c) the organizing, staffing and training of the sales force, and (d) sales force operations.
Prerequisites: SM 346; SM Level II.
Component: LEC
SM 446 Brand Strategy and Advertising Campaigns 3 Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, As Arranged Moore
Course Name RO: Brand StratAd Camp
Course Level: Undergraduate
Designed for students who have been exposed to introductory marketing, this course offers a thorough introduction to the basic elements of the promotional mix; the strategic planning process for advertising; segmentation and positioning; media planning; and publicity management. Students will be challenged to interpret these marketing concepts and to formulate creative applications to the sport and fitness marketing industry.
Prerequisites: SM 346; Junior status.
Component: LEC