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TitleProprioceptive facilitation of muscle tension during unilateral and bilateral knee extension
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsRoy, M. A., Sylvestre M., Katch F. I., Katch V. L., & Lagassé P. P.
JournalInternational Journal of Sports Medicine
Pagination289 - 292
Date Published1990/08//
ISBN Number0172-4622
KeywordsAdult, Biomechanics, Humans, Knee, Male, Movement, Muscle Contraction, Proprioception

The effects of double neuromuscular facilitation (DNF) in unilateral movements and of quadruple neuromuscular facilitation (QNF) in bilateral movements were studied in 42 physically active college-age male subjects. Results showed a 10.4% significant increase of maximal knee extension torque output when unilateral extension was preceded by a knee flexion on an isokinetic exerciser and a 16.7% increase of maximal torque in the bilateral condition of simultaneous alternating flexion-extension when compared to the simultaneous extension movement. Consequently, the increased peak torque observed in the unilateral and bilateral experimental conditions in which knee extension was preceded by a knee flexion appears to be the result of a combination of neuromuscular influences and stored elastic energy.


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