I teach Physical Education to students in kindergarten through 4th grade. My school's urban location means I teach in a variety of settings. My lessons can take place on the school's fenced-in roof space with a view of San Francisco Bay, in a courtyard area, in the gymnasium, in the school's lounge area, or in a nearby city park.

I supervise recess and after-school activities such as the climbing wall or club sports in the Upper School. While I incorporate health and fitness concepts into most of my lessons, I also present nutrition & health tips during school assemblies through skits or songs.

I chose to study Physical Education because teaching PE combines my love of sports, fitness and health allowing me to share this knowledge and interest with children. U-M's Physical Education program attracted me because it offered a very strong science and research background that I felt would strengthen my credentials when I looked for a job. I very much enjoyed the balanced education of taking introductory classes in the other majors, such as Movement Science, Sport Management and Athletic Training.

U-M's Health Education minor was also important to me. With school budgets being closely scrutinized, principals were pleased to know that I was qualified to incorporate important health education concepts into daily Physical Education classes. They seemed to feel they were getting two teachers for the price of one.

I received a scholarship to complete an M.Ed. degree in Health Education at Boston University, and I was told Michigan's strong curriculum and varied teaching experiences enhanced my application for admission and financial support.

Michigan's strong foundation in Kinesiology and other science curricula gave me confidence that my lessons were based on sound practices and research-based principles. The ideas we shared with professors and fellow students helped me realize that I would always need to be a life-long learner. My professors taught me how to evaluate my lessons carefully and think of ways to improve them. Those critiques, paired with my professors' positive support, were extremely useful. Tools like being videotaped while teaching or making mock parent presentations were also very valuable. Preparing a professional portfolio and talking about the job search and interview process were also great!

I chose to attend the University of Michigan because it is a highly respected university and the Physical Education major combined my two passions -- teaching and sports.

The PE program provided a solid knowledge base and many wonderful practicum experiences. The combination resulted in a well-rounded education that gave me the skills and experience needed to be a highly qualified teacher.

My overall experience in Kinesiology was excellent. I encourage any prospective student to consider majoring in Physical Education. It is a rewarding and super-fun career. If you are at all interested in sports and/or education, this is the place for you!

Through my Michigan experience I had the opportunity to work with a summer camp (Kidsport), coach at a local high school, play sports, and promote wellness in all areas. I developed a deep passion for each of these activities, and saw no other profession where I can do all four aspects then being a Physical Educator and Health teacher.

I have never worked with more intelligent, enthusiastic, and passionate people as I did with my professors in Kinesiology. By observing and working with them, it allowed me to become the best teacher I can be. In addition the structure of the courses and my student teaching really prepared me for my teaching position.

I would advise anyone trying to get into teaching to make themselves as "marketable" as possible. As a PE teacher, step out of your comfort zone and be as good at as many things as you can. The more experience you can offer your school the better. Also, realize and understand that the material you learn both inside and outside of the classroom is vital to best preparing you for your occupation.

I studied Physical Education because I love teaching and I love fitness/sports just as much. It was the best combination of my two main interests.

The classes I took on health and fitness help me on a daily basis to keep my team fit for competition, and all the rigors college life as a student-athlete throws at them. The abundance of hands-on, practical classes I participated in during my time at U-M developed the teaching skills that I use every day on the field.

I have utilized all of the theories that I learned in my classes and have felt fit to plan and carry out practice and game plans due to the experience I had at Michigan. Most importantly, Michigan and the PE program developed me into a self-confident and well rounded person, enabling me to be a good role model and positive influence for the young women on my team.

I really enjoyed my experience within Kinesiology. With around 40,000 students at U-M, I was able to receive a personalized educational experience through the small and intimate Kinesiology classes. It was a community of friends within the whole university that gave me the opportunity to explore many aspects of college academics and social life, without getting swallowed up by the immensity of the whole university population. I got to know my classmates and professors very well, and valued their experience in and out of the classroom.

Growing up in Ann Arbor, I always wanted to go to Michigan -- the athletics, the respected education -- it was very appealing. I also loved that Michigan grants a degree in Physical Education with teacher certification. I have a much stronger science background than many of my colleagues and it is very beneficial for teaching young students about having a healthy body.

The Physical Education Program at Michigan prepared me for my career in a number of ways. The professors and classes were great, but mostly I felt supported and that I had a place to go for answers and help with everything or anything that I needed.

Physical Education is truly a great profession! To be able to share your love of fitness and healthy living with children every day is a great gift. This job provides a definite opportunity to make a difference. When you are choosing a career it may not seem glamorous or sound great to others, but know that after teaching for 14 years, I am often told by others how cool my job is and how they wish they had considered it when they were in school. Many people cannot believe the amount of vacation time that we have, but remember that teaching is a year's worth of work in less time!

I decided to study Physical Education at U-M because it allowed me to pursue a career that incorporated two of my interests: being involved with athletics and working with young men and women. The Physical Education program provided me with a solid knowledge base and a variety of student teaching experiences. I was also able to meet a number of teachers already in the field who exemplified the dynamic practices and charismatic qualities that make a successful educator.

I felt confident and prepared from Day One in my new job and I owe that to the U-M program. My experience in the PE program was an extremely positive and memorable one. I would encourage anyone who has a great desire to positively impact the lives of kids to at least explore a major in PE. I am confident that your experience will be rewarding and fulfilling just as mine was!

I had always planned on becoming a teacher, but envisioned myself as a history teacher or something along those lines. When I came to the University of Michigan I began as a Movement Science major, but struggled with some of the content because I couldn't apply it. I later switched majors to Physical Education, which was able to meet my interest with exercise, create a direct application of the content I was learning, and enable me to do something that I love.

The Physical Education program prepared me extremely well for my career. The lesson planning and skill development focus of the program was critical in my development as an educator. The ability to minor in Health Education also enabled me to be highly qualified. The exposure to new curricular models like "Teaching Games for Understanding" has put me on the cutting edge of an ever changing field. However, the experience I gained teaching students with disabilities had the most impact on my career and inspired me to continue further into the field of Adapted Physical Education.

Everyone in Kinesiology was very supportive during my time at Michigan. The professors are devoted to student learning and, unlike other schools, take a more nurturing and developmental approach. I always felt that my instructors truly cared about me.

Since graduating, the impact of being from U-M and the School of Kinesiology has exceeded my expectations. The connections I made have opened numerous doors and set me up for success in the rest of my career. As I moved on to another university I came to see that there truly is a "Michigan Difference". Students who graduate from Michigan and Kinesiology each year are certainly among the best.

For future students considering a major in Physical Education, the best advice I can give is to get involved with anything and everything you can. Through the Physical Education program there are numerous opportunities to get hands-on experience working with youth. Take advantage of these opportunities, especially KidSport. Also, take the time to be aware of the research and scholarly work being done in Kinesiology. Having an understanding of the current evidence in pedagogy and Movement Science will give you an advantage over other new Physical Educators entering the profession.

Athletic training is a great field because you get a lot of hands-on experience before getting your first job.

During the three years of my clinical experiences as an athletic training student, my communication, problem solving, and practical skills increased drastically. When faced with a problem today, I often rely on what I learned from my clinical instructors in order to best handle the situation.

Honestly, I think the best thing that I could have done was to also get a degree in Physical Education. It automatically put me at the top of the list every time I went in for an interview. It also makes me more familiar and connected with the students. I highly suggest it to anyone in the field. Being a part of the Organization for Athletic Training Students (OATS) was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to make really great friendships. Additionally, through OATS I was able to attend Athletic Training conferences where I learned how to handle myself in the professional environment and it prepared me for the future.

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